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The Art of Procrastination - Good or Bad?

Frequently Asked Questions

Common reasons for procrastination include fear of failure or success, perfectionism, lack of motivation, feeling overwhelmed, poor time management, and difficulty making decisions.

Yes, occasional procrastination is normal, meaning most people experience it at some point. However, it’s essential to recognize when it becomes an issue that interferes with your personal, academic, or professional life and take steps to address it.

Recognize the pattern as soon as possible, think of why you are procrastinating, rearrange your priorities, make lists and set up your goals, and minimize distractions. Moreover, always start with the most challenging task when you are most productive and at your peak, reward yourself, practice better time management, and understand the risks of not completing your tasks and the rewards of doing so.

Procrastination can negatively impact mental health. It can increase stress, anxiety, and feelings of guilt or self-blame or contribute to a sense of inadequacy and lower self-esteem.

Yes, you can. Offer support and encouragement, collaborate on goal setting and time management, check in on their progress to provide accountability, and help them identify and address the underlying reasons for their procrastination.
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