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Change Your Attitude To Change Your Future

Frequently Asked Questions

You can inherit or learn your attitude through direct life experiences or indirect, i.e., observation. Experts also link social factors, learning, and conditioning to attitudes.

The unpredictability of life, including illnesses, diseases, past trauma, and mental health predispositions to depression or anxiety, can cause a bad attitude. Other common causes include setting high or unrealistic expectations, comparing to others, holding on to grudges, trying to change too much at a time, fears, failure, and stress.

Yes, you can change your attitude through mindfulness, conscious thought and attention, and hard work. First, you need to focus on yourself and stop comparing yourself to others, set out new habits that promote positivity, practice gratitude, form healthy relationships, eliminate negativity, take ownership of your actions, and do more of what makes you happy. Moreover, process your emotions, learn to manage stress, practice kindness and forgiveness, and understand and forgive.

Attitude change is extremely difficult as it often requires a complete change in one’s environment and experiences.

Attitudes are built on three pillars, i.e., emotions, behavior, and cognition. They are not set in stone, meaning people can change their attitude when they experience discomfort or something new, acquire new information, or are influenced by others.
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