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How to Build A Legacy, Not Only A Fortune?

Frequently Asked Questions

Defeatism, lack of focus, trying to live your life following others’ wishes and opinions, fear, consumerism, and your comfort zone are just a few examples of legacy blockers.

Each person on this earth leaves a legacy behind. However, some legacies are good, some are bad, some are powerful, and some are not. Naturally, people remember and are affected by the ones they see as worthy and influential. If you are actively working to build a legacy, you will likely leave the one you’ll be proud of. People will remember you for your true self and all your doings. Moreover, you will help and guide your successors by setting the base for success. So, it’s up to you to determine whether you want to help future generations and the world so that generations ahead will speak of your name.

Legacy can be anything from money, properties, and cars to love, respect, values, pain, suffering, businesses, beliefs, innovations, etc.

You can build your legacy at work by taking initiatives and risks, being a good mentor, maintaining good professional relationships, sharing your knowledge and skills with others, developing and implementing a comprehensive business plan, starting new ventures, providing financial assistance, being flexible, setting and living up to high standards.
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