Story About a Living Legend

What Shaped Me as The Logician?
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There’s so much to learn about a person, but to start, I am a good mathematician, philosopher, and dreamer. I like analyzing and solving real-life situations like playing chess - with good logic and long-term vision.

As the Logician, I believe in thinking with your own ‘processor’ and solving the puzzle of your life in your head. No one’s journey is the same as yours, even if it seems like it.

We are all born with different ‘installations,’ fears, and fantasies, which sets the base for our further development. But that’s all it is: the beginning.

You’ll reach a point where you’ll need to take full responsibility for your life. Each decision affects the person you are becoming. So, it’s crucial to make smart choices, create, grow, and upgrade ‘your system.

Like games, each version should be better than the previous one. Fortunately, ‘the code’ will always recognize your unique creation. At a point, even my choices seemed mistaken, but when I look back on those times, I understand that everything happens for a reason.

I am here to share my way of living, likes, and dislikes. Welcome to the roadmap of my life!

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Pro Tip By The Logician

Each day on Earth is precious, so it’s up to you how you’ll spend your limited time. If I could give you a single piece of advice, it would be this one: Start today.

Your only competition is who you were in the past. So, don’t look back. Wake up and move forward. Record your progress daily and work to become a better version of yourself.

If you don’t create your purpose and follow the system, your life will likely end upon retirement. Who taught you about job titles, orders, school, work, retirement, and pension? These are all man-made conditions and usually have nothing to do with success or happiness.

I don’t like the system, so why live in one? Find your way of doing things and do what makes you happy. Money is just a game, and the most successful people are good players. So, why not become one?

A Leap Into History

More About The Logician
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If you ask anyone who knew me as a baby, they’ll all tell you the same thing; I haven’t changed much. Even as a child, I was doing things my way. I was rarely amazed by anything. The only time I was too stunned to speak was when my parents got me a robot. And they remember it to this day. It’s not that I was ever ungrateful. I just always knew what I wanted. Once I set my eyes on something, I do everything in my power to get there.

Over the years, my love for digitalization has developed further. I started working in this industry as soon as I turned 17, which has significantly changed my life - focusing on the things I love helped me develop into a confident and satisfied human being who only strives to advance further in life.

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I aim to transfer this energy to others and motivate them to progress. I am proud to say that anyone who knew me and worked with me at a point in their life did something bigger and better afterward. That’s how I try to affect my surroundings – to find what they love, work toward their goals, and accept failure as part of the process.

I am not the typical investor – I invest in people’s knowledge, and these efforts always pay off. My mission to empower 1 million individuals has led me to form a community with like-minded professionals in different fields who support one another. The association welcomes ambitious persons from around the globe to share their experiences, seek advice, build strong connections, and, most importantly, friendships.

If you want help and encouragement to reach your full potential,feel free to join us at the association.

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