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Nothing Beats A Person Who Never Gives Up

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it does. Persistence is a critical factor in success, as it helps you overcome challenges by being focused and motivated. Continually trying and failing will help you learn valuable lessons and change the course of action for better results next time around.

While some people are naturally more persistent, persistence is, in reality, a trait you can learn and improve over time.

Yes, challenging goals will motivate you, help you push harder, and exit your comfort zone. You’ll want to stay persistent and overcome obstacles or setbacks along the way, all to reach the attractive end goal. Yet, be careful to set achievable goals, as too challenging or unrealistic goals can lead to frustration, discouragement, and burnout, undermining your persistence and motivation.

While you might believe you are not persistent, you might have done something that proves the opposite. Learning a new skill, getting your degree, starting a business, or training for a competition/marathon are all real-life examples of persistence.

Yes, persistence can have negative consequences if you don’t correctly balance or direct it. For instance, persistence will turn into stubbornness if you refuse to adapt or change your approach, even when it's not working. Other examples include pursuing unattainable goals, ignoring feedback, or sacrificing other areas of life.
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