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Progress Is Not Linear - Take One Step Back to Move Two Ahead

Frequently Asked Questions

Progress is a positive force or the process of moving forward, developing, or improving in various aspects of life. It can refer to personal growth, societal or cultural changes, economic development, scientific and technological advances, or environmental sustainability. Different people and cultures have different definitions of progress.

Yes, you can plan progress, set clear goals, break them into smaller manageable steps, identify resources, establish a timeline, and monitor and adjust your plan as necessary.

Usually not. While progress can be linear, in reality, it’s not always a straightforward or predictable process. Planning is one thing, but the execution is another. Almost always, people experience setbacks, challenges, or unexpected changes along the way, keeping them away from continuous progress.

Yes, you can. Setbacks can provide a new perspective, open up opportunities, and help you learn from mistakes, grow and improve. You can also build resilience and return more motivated than ever.
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