• Intuitive Dashboards and Excellent Ease-Of-Use
  • A Free Plan That Comes With a Wide Range of Features
  • Integration With Over 100 Apps

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Trello is a web-based project management software that uses kanban boards and lists to provide an easy-to-use and productive project management solution to individuals and businesses. So, if you’re a fan of lists, kanban boards, or both, then Trello is the ideal project management tool for you.

Price There’s a Free Plan; The Paid Plans Start at $5/Month
Customer Support Support Is Available via Email, Support Requests, Documentation, Community, FAQs
Features Views, Automation, Power-Ups, Templates, Integrations, and More
Ease-Of-Use Extremely Beginner-Friendly Dashboards, Intuitive User Interface
Integration Slack, JIRA Cloud, Miro, Firefox Trello Card Counter, Timely, IBM Connect, Autopilot, EasyQA, GitHub, Benko Board, Hubstaff, Zapier, Trello for Gmail, Google Drive, Dropbox, Gmail Zap, and More
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Trello is a reliable project management tool. It is a Kanban-based, simple, affordable, and suitable tool for different project types and sizes. What’s more, Trello is highly collaborative and delivers excellent value.

Yes, Trello is free. You can utilize this tool without paying anything and enjoy power-ups, cards, and unlimited storage. However, it doesn’t include many advanced features, and you can’t share very large files. Therefore, you can also go for some of its paid plans.

Trello is best for small businesses, small to medium projects, and beginners who look for easy project management that comes with numerous features. It is also suitable for individuals who want to use an entirely free project management software.

Yes, you can access reports with Trello. However, you need to implement a third-party integration because the tool lacks a built-in reports and analytics feature.

Yes, Trello has a dashboard. In fact, it is intuitive, easy-to-use, and straightforward. Thanks to it, you can get an overview of your project, your team members’ work, and the progress of the tasks.

Yes, Trello is secure. Like other reputable project management software, it comes with two-factor authentication, multi-factor authentication, patches, data encryption, the monitoring of user activities, intrusion detection, and privacy protection.

No, not anyone can see your Trello board. However, this is possible if you set the board to ‘public.’ But thanks to its ‘private’ and ‘organization visible’ options, you can choose who can see it.
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