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Constant Contact is an online marketing company that offers email & digital marketing, as well as lead generation & CRM services. Its email marketing tools are excellent for small and medium-sized businesses, as they can help them create engaging emails with the help of robust AI technology.

Price Starts at $12/Month
Features Hundreds of Templates, Marketing Automation, Customer List Management, Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads, Lead Generation Landing Pages, Surveys, Polls, and More
Customer Support Support Is Available via Phone, Email, Knowledge Base, User Community, Product Help Center
Apps and Integration Shopify, SalesForce, SurveyMonkey, Etsy, WooCommerce, Vimeo, MindBody, WordPress, Canva, Eventbrite, Gmail, Stripe, Twitter, and More
Analytics Email Tracking Software, Engagement Report, Campaign Comparison, Click-Tracking Heat Map, Click Segmentation, On-The-Go Tracking, and More
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Frequently Asked Questions

Constant Contact is an online marketing company that offers email and digital marketing, as well as lead generation and CRM services. It’s excellent for small and medium-sized businesses, helping them create engaging email content.

No, Constant Contact isn’t free. It starts at $12/month, but you can take advantage of its 14-day free trial and test its services before you decide whether it’s right for you.

Constant Contact costs $12/month. However, this is the most basic plan with the essential features. If you’re looking for better services, you may need to switch to the $35/month or $80/month plan.

No, Constant Contact is not a CRM. It provides CRM services that enhance the maintenance of your leads and sales follow-ups.

No, you can’t use Constant Contact as a CRM. You can just implement its CRM services and improve your email marketing journey.

Yes, Constant Contact is good. In fact, it is among the best email marketing tools on the market, with many beneficial features, a high email deliverability rate, ease-of-use tools, and decent prices.

Constant Contact brings a lot of benefits. It drives more traffic, helps you comply with different email regulations, and makes the email-sending process more straightforward, as you can utilize mail automation, personalization, and customer list management.

Yes, Constant Contact has text messaging. You can utilize SMS marketing and reach your customers directly on their mobile devices.

Yes, Constant Contact can do surveys. Thanks to its integration with SurveyMonkey, you can easily add surveys to any email template.

Yes, Constant Contact is legit. It has been part of the email marketing sector since 1995, and with its reliable performance, it has established a fantastic reputation.

Constant Contact is good for small and medium-sized businesses that tend to create email marketing campaigns easily. This is possible because the platform is user-friendly and has many features like segmentation and automation that ease the process.

Yes, you can cancel your Constant Contact subscription by opening the billing section on your Constant Contact account. Then choose “cancel my account,” and that’s it.

No, Constant Contact is not outdated. It is one of the oldest email marketing tools, but it keeps up with the latest technology advancements. You can even find AI implementation in its services, which proves it’s not outdated at all.

The best Constant Contact alternatives are Mailchimp and MailerLite. Among many Constant Contact competitors, these two are the most similar regarding features and prices and are suitable for similar audiences.
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