• Intuitive User Interface Suitable for Beginners
  • Powerful Free Option
  • Top-Notch 24/7 Customer Support

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Asana is the best project management tool available on the market. Not only does it offer a wide range of features, including great app integration, workflow visualization, etc., but it also comes at affordable prices. Thus, Asana is a suitable choice for individuals, large enterprises, and everything in between. 

Price There’s a Free Plan; The Paid Plans Start at $10.99/Month
Customer Support Supports Is Available 24/7 via Live Chat, Email, Forum, Help, Help Center, Developer’s Guide
Features Asana Intelligence, Workflow Builder, Timeline, Boards, Calendar, App Integrations, Reporting, Form, Automation, and More
Ease-Of-Use Beginner-Friendly Dashboard; Easy-To-Use Apps
Integration Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Tableau, iOS, Android, Google Drive, Looker, Canva, OneDrive, YouTube, Zylo, Deleted Task Alerts for Asana, and More
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Frequently Asked Questions

No, Asana is not difficult to use. In fact, it has an intuitive user interface and a sleek and simple dashboard that allows you to navigate easily through the platform. On top of that, it has many guides and tutorials that will help you figure out how to use it.

Yes, Asana has a time-tracking feature. Since October 2022, you don’t need third-party apps that enable time tracking, as Asana included a built-in feature.

Yes, Asana is free. However, if you’re not amazed by its free version, you can go for a premium plan that comes with more advanced features. Luckily, Asana has three paid subscriptions, so you have a wider choice.

Yes, Asana is suitable for smaller businesses. But because it has a lot of robust and advanced features, sometimes, your plan may become overwhelmed.

Yes, Asana has a Gantt chart. You can access it through the Timeline view and manage all of your unscheduled and overlapping tasks.

Yes, Asana is beneficial for Agile project management. The main reason for this is that it comes with various features such as scrum sprints, timelines, and roadmaps.

Yes, Asana has a mobile app. It allows you to manage projects, inboxes, tasks, conversations, portfolios and goals while you’re on the go. However, its desktop app is a bit better and more functional.

One of the best Asana alternatives for small businesses is Trello. The tool has incredible features, and it’s easy to use. However, it has some limitations when it comes to the features that aren’t suitable for larger organizations.
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