• Visa-Free Travel in the Schengen Area
  • Annual or Two-Year Stay
  • Renewable for an Extra Three Years

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Portugal is one of the most digital nomads-friendly countries, as it comes with two types of visas. The temporary stay visa allows you to reside in Portugal for less than a year, while the residency visa is valid for 4 months and requires applying for a residency permit. Holders of these visas can also benefit from visa-free travel within the Schengen Area, adding to the appeal of choosing Portugal. Coupled with its impressive internet speeds and a low crime index, Portugal offers an attractive package for digital nomads seeking a safe and connected work environment.

Cost of Living Medium
Price Starts At $79
Internet Fast Speeds and 5G Coverage in Cities and Large Towns
Safety Level 1: Exercise Normal Precautions
Duration One or Two Years; Can Be Renewed for an Extra Three Years
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Frequently Asked Questions

To apply for the D8 digital nomad visa, you should first gather all required documents. Then, you need to submit them, complete the application form, attend an appointment with a Portuguese consulate, pay the initial fee, travel to Portugal, and get your D8 visa.

The Portugal digital nomad visa is valid for one year or two years. The main difference is that with the annual visa, you can stay up to a year and renew it for six months, whereas the two-year D8 visa lets you stay longer, continue it for up to 5 years, and even get Portuguese citizenship.

The Portuguese digital nomad visa is relatively affordable. The initial non-refundable fee is $79 for the one-year visa or $95 for the two-year visa. However, if you are accepted, you need to pay an additional $179 fee.

You can apply for the Portuguese digital nomad visa if you are older than 18, have a salary of at least $3,210 monthly, live outside of EU and EEA countries, have a contract for remote working, self-employment, or freelancing, and if you have already found Portuguese accommodation.

Yes, you are allowed to take your family with you. However, to do this, you must pay an extra $268 for a minor family member or $401 per adult. Also, you need to provide family relation proof in the application if you decide to bring your family with you.

The minimum income requirement is $3,210 per month or $38,528 in your bank account. This is because the minimum wage in Portugal is $802.90.

You can find all of the necessary details regarding the application procedure on the official website of the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They provide all the information and required forms and documents that you need to submit.
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